What this game turned into


And I already invalidated your explanations.

Your example using blue shirts: You are comparing something with an even distribution randomness (colour of shirt) to something with an UNeven distribution (strength of energy vs physical)

  • ergo your example is invalid.

You claim haze is “a normal player”. and I am “an OP player”. First of all, thank you for calling me OP. But why am I OP? Because I am playing Physical.

Your example about getting top 3. You are saying an energy player who doesnt use EMP is able to get top 3, while an energy player who uses EMP is not able to get top 3. So by your reason, EMP is weak, and so EMP MUST be buffed."


Well, but if all players use 2-3 different types then checking who is on an who is not would not be so useful as any opponent you face would still have 2-3 types anyway and hence the advantage would still be possible to end up with the opponent.

And for the 2nd issue:
Indeed luck regarding which mechs to deploy would be added to other luck depending issues like starting position and deployment order of the mechs.
But the main point is that the domination of one type of mechs like right now the physical mechs do and before that the energy mechs had done will be prevented by this type advantage forcing a 2-3 types setup for the 3 duel mechs.


Yep, I see it now. (also edited my last post before you posted :smiley: )

It’ll ensure everyone builds different types in their arsenal, so not one element can dominate. I’d say this idea does help in balance.


Yet you draw a conclusion from a very very % of the battles (the haze vs wlwg… you keep talking about only that battle)


No you didn’t (you wish, but you can’t) … here the facts about …

Your example (Top10) …

1000 people in a row
first 10 wearing a red shirt
the other 990 wearing a blue shirt

… you saying “Oh look no one from the first 10 is wearing a blue shirt” (what is correct), but your conclusion about "oh watch blue shirts are “out-dated” / “out” is incorrect :exclamation:

Because the THRUTH is 99% are wearing a blue shirt :exclamation:

So to draw any conclusion about all others, from less then 1 % can never be representative :exclamation:

My 1st example …

Haze … a “normal” (not OP account) is able to beat a OP account player = prove …

a “normal” player playing 2 EMP mechs is able to beat a OP account player :exclamation:

Proves that EMP is still a very strong weapon :exclamation:

My 2nd example …

If a player (a single one) is able to get to the Top 3 (important sidenote: Top3 is what most players try to achieve during the tournament) with ONLY Energy mechs, is a prove that a player playing only Energy Mechs is able to get to the Top3 :exclamation:

Therefor Energy cannot be “dead” or “to weak” :exclamation:

And has nothing to do with the other % of players.


P.S.: try harder please :slight_smile:


You can’t really reason with best, she will just keep saying the same things over and over again. She thinks if she says it so many times it will be true.


No - its the other way around …

  • because some cannot accept facts, I need to repeat the FACTs so often, until they get them (or gave up to speak against, even they know that these are facts, because their only intent is to speak against)

… blue is blue and red is red :exclamation:

Only because someone do not like me (my success at SuperMechs), doesn’t make blue to red :slight_smile: :exclamation:
Doesn’t matter how often they say that blue isn’t blue :exclamation:



I faced Urodelus (excellent player btw) a pair of times today. Viable emp builds are good. Phys build to face a emp, last wotd, vaillants needs 730+cap.
To equip a tp i droped an emergy engine for a boostet; 633/195energy stats on both my builds. He wasted me.
I was and am still against the emp nerf.
But it can still be used, since nerf, most phys de escalated on the energy mods. Less than 715 something and an emp build will get you…
Thats what happened to @wlwg in the now famous fight vs haze


wow… now im worried about not getting a claw soon enough


I’m sure urodelus will be marching to the top now lol. The nerf was bull ----


You have to sacrifice somethings g for an emp. Heat , hp or resistance . He sacrifices resistance . Before nerf energy could have a rounded build . Maybe I should push for night falls to be 100 kg and see if everyone is cool with that or Spartans 100 kg and cut th damage in half. Get gud!


Why you always mention only the Top :question:
Cos you are not able to reach them :question:

Please accept these facts …

Top 10 players are less than 0.2 % from ALL players :exclamation:

Top 50 players (most are in Top3 clans) are less than 0.5 % from ALL players :exclamation:

To talk always and only from Top players and only from your own view, is very selfish :exclamation:

We need to think about all players :exclamation:



Interesting math you got there , shouldnt it be 0.10% or 0.1%?


And lord his losses are toooo??? ALL PHYSICALS . Weird ! I would never have expected that. Funny how the two are related .


Physicals rule, Energy’s are dead, and heat is so far gone it cant even be recognized as a type.


Yes thats why a only heat user is current top, and a only energy user is/was top3 (right now 4th) :exclamation:

Very logic, and no, it has nothing to do with %, it just proves that heat and energy is still very strong, strong enough to go to the top :exclamation:



Did you not just say that the top players do not speak for the game?


Yes correct, but apples are apples and pears are pears …

explanation about what you are talking about … here …



No clue what you mean :question:

Ask more specific please :exclamation:

If you mean Tops are even less % , in both my sentences is the word “less” :wink: :exclamation:


But you contradict yourself. Just as you said before, just because 1 heat user is top does not mean they are anywhere close to where they should be. The reason that user is on top is because of platinums and magmas. The only way for heat to be strong relies on platinums and magmas. Any mass heating weapons are useless, only a couple weapons are useful, but mostly lose anyway to physical. Enemies have 500+ heat with only two modules. You must have loads of premiums to make it past rank 6 with heat. Heat is extremely hard to build due to lack of items.
No real f2p 2-4 range weapons.

All the lower ranks must use physical or energy to survive. Making heat as your first type is a mistake, as you will not make it past rank 6.