What this game turned into


Nope, it is still a great axample, that even AFTER the Nerf, the EMP is still a very very strong weapon :exclamation:
You can’t change that, only with saying it. Haze won, compare the numbers, and you will see …

  • EMP still (after the nerf) a very very strong weapon :exclamation:

… beside that, a single item should not be responsible for a game balance :exclamation:

The Top 10 are less than 0.2 % from ALL players :exclamation:

So to draw any conclusions out of only 0.2 % … every scientist can tell you, that this is totally wrong :exclamation:



That a single weapon could deplete the entire energy of an opponent, was not okay. Just as the Seraph blade whacking people for 600+ was not okay.

OP is as OP does.

Devs will never reverse the nerf, so rather find some other solution than begging for the return of ridiculous damage to an overly OP item.

I agree that there is problem with phys domination in arena, but creating a problem to solve another is not sustainable.


“Same goes for Energy types …
0_0 is Top3 at the moment :exclamation:

So you decided to use o_o being in top 3 as an example.


No irony … you just need to think more, to see the whole thing …

Saying “Energy is “dead” / to weak” explaining with 0.2% list of all players …

= nonsense :exclamation:

Saying “Oh look 0_0 is able to get to the Top3” proves, that Energys are still very very strong :exclamation:


2 different things :exclamation:

Apples are apples, pears are pears, both are fruits :exclamation:

Thats how real argumenting works :exclamation:



Read your reply again… slowly…


Oh I see, you are not able to get it … why I do not wonder about :exclamation:


P.s.: keyword “Conversely” … always glad to be able to help and to learn people some things they do not know :exclamation:


Yes yes, because “I” am the one “not able to get it” :slight_smile:


You really need a detailed explanation for (still) :question:

would be a pleassure to explain you in every single detail, or you just try again to talk against, no matter what ? :wink:


Yes, please explain to me how apparently using ONE person (0.02%) as an example is better than using TEN people (0.2%) as examples.


How to argument, that Phis is not OP, Energy is not dead, and that game is balanced, and that the nerf to the EMP was needed.
Alot of sarcasm will be used:

  1. :dancer:Wlwg lost to a EMP user… EMP is not trash… EMP is still OP :pill::pill::pill::banana::banana::banana:
  2. :dancer:0-0 is top 3. so Energy is still OP, and still the Nerf was needed… otherwise O-O would have won 30009409090 gold medals stil…:banana::banana::banana::pill::pill::pill:
    3.:dancer:Nerf Claw… because it is still OP :pill::pill::pill::banana::banana:
  3. :dancer:All fine, all balanced… even tho top 10, is not representative… :banana::banana::banana::pill::pill::pill:
    5.:dancer: spent real money, to get the OP platplats, so you can be entitled to use them, and any other item that provides decisive advantage over others, that do not pay.
    6.:dancer: Git gud(aka spend money):banana::banana::banana::pill::pill:
    And in case i missed something, PM the moderators, for moderating those that counter argument me with math, and comon sense, and reasson, so that they know their place in this argumentation, if they don’t trust the power of argumentation of the emojis…
    @Mordulec have some :beer::beer::beer: and some :banana::banana::banana:


Ima pop in here for a quick sec

the amount of emojis here gave me cancer

have fun nerds



Since my win/losses seem to be the most reliable way of predicting how balanced the game is.

You forgot:
WlwG lost to El_metre, heat is OP, NERF HEAT!!
Bestof lost to WlwG 0-3, WlwG is OP, NERF WlwG
NERF heat and energy and all physical
BUFF Bestof so bestof always wins!!
Problem solved.


Hmmm, well… your statement is too OP. It must be nerfed. No single statement should be so obviously correct, so it must be nerfed. The devs will see this and will nerf your argument and they will be right.


Come on @wlwg, @purplehooter, let’s stay on topic, this topic is not about relevant things, it is about suporting @Mordulec, to not breack the damn fridge again, because his energy mechs, that are soo OP, ocasionaly lose to some Phis…
5wins /20 matches…
that is the most OP win/lose ration ever, 1/4…
Sorry mate Morde, have some emoji beer :beer::beer::beer:
Hope for that Electric Hammer… altho… i wouldnt hope too much if it ends up 70-80kg of weight.
And stop crying in your sleep about the EMP nerf, you heard the emojies,…they are always right…


Yes of course I will special for you …

Your example (Top10) …

1000 people in a row
first 10 wearing a red shirt
the other 990 wearing a blue shirt

… you saying “Oh look no one from the first 10 is wearing a blue shirt” (what is correct), but your conclusion about "oh watch blue shirts are “out-dated” / “out” is incorrect :exclamation:

Because the THRUTH is 99% are wearing a blue shirt :exclamation:

So to draw any conclusion about all others, from less then 1 % can never be representative :exclamation:

My 1st example …

Haze … a “normal” (not OP account) is able to beat a OP account player = prove …

a “normal” player playing 2 EMP mechs is able to beat a OP account player :exclamation:

Proves that EMP is still a very strong weapon :exclamation:

My 2nd example …

If a player (a single one) is able to get to the Top 3 (important sidenote: Top3 is what most players try to achieve during the tournament) with ONLY Energy mechs, is a prove that a player playing only Energy Mechs is able to get to the Top3 :exclamation:

Therefor Energy cannot be “dead” or “to weak” :exclamation:

And has nothing to do with the other % of players.



Am I the only one like that? :joy::sweat_smile:


And seeing you trying to start make fun of my real arguments, make me laugh and shows how you run out of real arguments :exclamation:

Thanks a lot for that :exclamation:



Debunked by the whole comunity, including Wlwg, that is was bad play and luck that won Haze the match.
It actualy proves the contrary.

0_0 is one of the strongest accounts out there, with all the wepons he needs to build Energy mechs, and all the platplats he needs, all the protectors, etc etc.
And now is the first time in weeks he gets in the top 10. Will he hold it? only if he doesn’t play, and doesnt get caught by Phis. Still irelevant, 1 player in the whole top 20.


Mordulec has it correct . Only best and a handful of HTK players care . The emp nerf was total garbage . No build supports it anymore . Haze got lucky is all. Haze got SMASHED in 50 percent of their other fights . Miron gets SMASHED in 50 percent of fights . O-0 now has a no guts no glory approach. Hi hp no resistance and tries to out damage before being out damaged heated or drained . Energy sucks now . It also damaged heat as phys just packs on heat engines . It was a weakly veiled plea of justice by a specific group of fighters . When the nerf was made it made the entire balance swing to phys . I am in mordulec S camp.


Both arguments are very strong … prove, seeing you trying making fun out of it :exclamation:

Here the facts and numbers … all intelligent ones can see and read out of these numbers, that EMP …

  • is still a very very strong weapon (even after the needed Nerf) …

Haze42o5 beat WIwG (last week Single winner) twice with his 2 mechs …

1292 HP Energy EMP mech vs 2626 HP with 660 Energy (without Arena Bonus :exclamation:) :exclamation:
1591 HP Energy EMP mech vs 2157 HP with 564 Energy (without Arena Bonus :exclamation:) :exclamation:

Numbers do not lie :exclamation:


Beside that claiming 1 single item should balance the whole gameplay is poor nonsense :exclamation: