What this game turned into


Hi Pilots… Just a general thought after using the 5 battle promo for today… Yep, 5 battles, and I had to fight like 15 or 20. From the perspective of an energy player without any claws, platinium plates and res modes, this just just a faqin disgrace. I started with the black skull, only to end up in 0 yellow skulls (yes, on the verge of going silver)… I faced like 15 Claw physical mechs… There is virtually no way to compete with them in the current meta. I even rearranged my mechs, so now they are even more counter-oriented, and so even more useless when I choose the wrong mechs. But you know what, the difference of 140 Hp more (with the heavy AsF epic plate) when facing physicals of 600+ energy/300 regen, and Claws and shit… it is just ridiculous… So yeah, today I lost my temper, and this Faking ridiculous situation made me change my attitude once again… I just stopped giving a single faq about anything… If i win or lose, it is all the same, the only thing I want to keep up with now is the arena points (if I give up on this, there is no turning back). So now I just limit myself to fighting 5 obligatory battles a day. And I am done. Enough of this shit.
Edit: Do not flag or edit this post. It is ment to be poisoned with rage! I am furious, actually. And this is what I wanted to say. So I did that.

WlwG - finally created an account here

Quite harsh for people without claws


Like i said it so many times befor.
Energy is dead for the top ranks.
How did it end up dead?
Simple, was dieing befor EMP, as phis builds were buffing their energy stats and regens.
Then the glimse of hope arrived EMP.
And it gave energy a fighting chance…
Until the Nerf Campaign… that killed the EMP… and basicly Energy.
Well as you dont have Claw, and only one platplat… i sugest you go full counterbuild phis.
4-5 hp plates, rest energy moduleson 2 builds, and 1 counterbuild for heat… same as above with heat modules.
And maybe you will fair better in the ladder.
But until there is something done… phis is king.
And phis will kill any rounded oriented energy mech.
Ps: Sorry to hear you went bannanas over a game.


Did someone realize that those who complain to nerf items of heat or energy are usually physicals?


wow… that is incredible…

And did you noticed, that usualy they also have OP accounts?


that’s what I mean bro


I was literally saying that everytime…


Look, even though the current state of the game is unacceptable in how it favors phys, EMP was not the right answer, as it was too OP.

The problem is much bigger and more serious than just one build type ruling arena.

The problem is the damage levels are too great. Arena shop has brought this to a hilt.

I am not in favour of the game how it is, but the solution has to be all encompassing. A global damage nerf of 50% will solve all the issues. Think deeply about the impact this would have on physicals, and in generally restoring tactics and balance to the game. This is the only answer.

I have done some of the math, and it all points to huge benefits for both energy and heat, and would require creative building of phys mechs in order for them to be competitive. The 3 weapon setup will be history, plus Claw users would need more than just 3 moves to survive.

:white_check_mark: Problem the SuperMechs solved :white_check_mark:

Best solution so far❗️

Thanks a lot.



LMAO… 50% on a CL, Savagery, Sorow…
This is the new angle of aproach? lower overall dmg, so that phis will still rule supreme…cause it is the hardest hitting … the rest will just die because they run out od things to shoot, specialy Energy… with dual use VS, bunkers and dmg heaters… with single use magmas.
Should have seen this coming.


where have i seen this befor…
Ohh i remember… in the EMP Nerf campaign… that was a wise move(sarcasm for dummies)… killed an entier type of mechs.


Correct :exclamation:



master of nerfing :v


Where are the devs, @Sarah247, @Mohadib? Is it another TS holiday? Maybe killing the energy class made everyone tired.

After nerfing EMP, which shouldn’t have happened, there has been no real communication. They sort of introduced an energy scope through a broken portal and then a couple of hammers. They say nothing.

TS, what is going on? Where are you? Are you going to fix anything?


A nerf was needed and correct :exclamation:

EMP is still a very good weopon :exclamation:

Haze42o5 beat WIwG (last week Single winner) twice with his 2 mechs …

1292 HP Energy EMP mech vs 2626 HP with 660 Energy (without Arena Bonus :exclamation:) :exclamation:
1591 HP Energy EMP mech vs 2157 HP with 564 Energy (without Arena Bonus :exclamation:) :exclamation:

And claiming a needed Nerf from a clearly OP single item debalance a whole type of mechs is absolutly nonsense :exclamation:

It would be exactly the same if you would say …

“SeraphBlade (also a clearly needed Nerf from a OP item) was nerfed, Physicals are dead now :exclamation:




P.S.: you do NOT have to use the SeraphBlade, its an option.
You do NOT have to use the EMP, its an option.
Both weapons are still very very strong, but not OP anymore, therefor the nerf was right :white_check_mark:


Bestof, please read my thread.
Here it is summarized for you:
“The last day of the arena season I had switched my pure anti-energy mech to a mixed anti-energy/heat mech”

“Secondly I had switched my all-rounded mech (the one with 2150 hp) to have a higher heat cap and lower energy cap.”

“Because I did not see any energy builders in the top 20”

“In fact (@bestof), it wasn’t because I cannot handle emp mechs that I lost to haze, it was because I did not expect to meet an energy builder, much less an emp mech in my last 20 minutes of tourney, especially after the emp nerf.”

“Why do you guys use my losses as evidence for emp/claw/heaters being too strong/weak is beyond my comprehension. I have losses just like you all. I have wins just like you all.”

“My anti-phys has an all-time 3-0 (100%) win rate against bestof (screenshots available), at least 6+ to 0 (100%) win rate against cadbunny (last week silver medalist, before he joined Reign), 90-100% (as far as I recall) win rate against MrE/www0www, and around 50% win rate against lordgorgon”

Let me clear the air for you: I am in favour of buffing EMP/energy. There needs to be more energy players in top 20 as evidenced by my loss to haze. The more you use my loss against haze, the more it shows EMP and energy must be buffed.


Funny, nope, the totally opposite :exclamation:

Its a great example that the EMP …

  • was OP

  • needed a Nerf

  • is still a very strong weapon

Same goes for Energy types …

0_0 is Top3 at the moment :exclamation:

All fine at the moment :exclamation:



No, the nerf was not needed, and it was incorrect. It secured the phys meta while hurting energy and heat.

EMP is not a very good weapon. It has a very limited value and impact. It is nothing more than a good idea that has been poorly executed.

Your Haze/WIwG example has already been discussed and invalidated… thoroughly. Repeating it or copy/pasting it doesn’t change that. @El_Metre might be willing to copy/paste any one of several of his posts that have already explained this. Further, it looks like @wlwg posted his own response to this before I could.

It is unquestionably clear that the game has major imbalances. They were encouraged and campaigned for by those seeking selfish benefit rather than balance.


You want really say that one single item - which was clearly OP - should be responsible for the whole game balance :question:

You can do better - I am sure :exclamation:



As I have lengthily explained. The more you use my loss as evidence, the more it shows energy must be buffed.

Lets see the current top 10 distribution:
1 energy (o_o)
2 heat
2 mixed
5 physical


When someone intentionally misrepresents a proposition because it is easier to defeat than the actual argument made, that is called a “straw man.” The dictionary assigns very unfavorable language to those who do this.