What this game really are?


I have never play it before
ANd yes i am new


A guide for your help , almost covers most of the things.


Welcome to Battle Dawn, a game of strategy, tactics, diplomacy, and skill. Battle Dawn is a Persistent Browser Based Game, meaning you can play it from anywhere with an Internet Browser. This tutorial will cover all basic gameplay. click the [OK] button to continue


I have never play it before

glad to hear that.

go away if you love sleep, sunny sundays, hot girls, stress-free life, family, daisies, football matches, basketball matches, romantic dinner, funny times, cinema, parties ( without gays ) , car exhibitions, jungle, a job with good wage, happy smiles, rain smell, space movies, fine wines, hard whiskey, stars, tress, birds…

if you don’t
welcome just pm me or any folks, we all will welcome you with pleasure


what the last 2 said :smiley:


-.- after playing some hours my brain is exploding
Well… bye this game :smiley:


BattleDawn isn’t really a game.

It just looks like one.

It’s a bit of a lifestyle – it’s not really about the gameplay but about the friends you make (and defeat!). BattleDawn puts you and a group of people infront of a lot of stress, and through it gives you a form of satisfaction and friendship you can’t find elsewhere in gaming (and perhaps, this world these days?).

It is quite rough to play, it demands a lot, but in return, after your sleepless nights and incredible stress, you get incredibly deep connections to your peers and a feeling of accomplishment that will last you a long time. :slight_smile:

if you find the world hollow, superficial, unapproachable or menial or or or…, BD might be for you. It can help you grow, give perspective, and so on. It’s not a game you play just to pass time.


Thx but i am easy man im not good at this hard to understand game :smiley:
But thx


The game is quite easy and if you need help people will happily help you. The requirements it has on you are hard, but its basically just clicking units to other units and tracking spy protection vs offence.

---- dont even really need to do that in some teams.

If you feel like it’d fit you, stay for sure. Get a skype, or get help from the BDA. There’s many who are happy to help you overcome the initial curve!


Nah but thx :slight_smile:


i think a easy game as supermechs will better with me bye :slight_smile:


That’s how you deal with the challenges in your life? Something hard comes and you just refuse to learn and just quit?

You should meet @anishmal