What special offers did you get?


Bruce Wayne’s:


Some guy named X-Mark:


You can switch a mech to get a better IMPROVE YOUR MECH offer :slight_smile:


That’s actually quite useful


Wait… what?
How do you get 4% more hp and 1%dmg?


Auto-Boost … watch colour of the Legs :exclamation:



What mean a better “Improve Your Mech” offer :question:

It must be a not full boosted mech, I think :interrobang:

And how we can understand “better” :question:
More % :question:
And how switch mechs :question:

We players get way to less informations about such things :exclamation:




it’s a calculated offer not designed for top notch mechs like yours.
if you assemble an average level 50 / 60 player mech the offer will be much more effective.
players are not supposed to encounter this offer at your level of progression, but because it’s a new feature all top players also get it at this point.


Does it increase your total HP and damage or just UNTIL you get maxed stats?


Ok, thanks for info :exclamation:


Here what Sarah said about - as info for all others …


I will take the 1$ offer… for 100 times.


it offers a series of improvements to most of your items, depending on their tiers and power levels.
the summary you see is a summary of specific attributes after the improvement.
if you equip a fully maxed out mech for example the offer wont be visible at all.


Is it permanent? Or 30D? 1week?


The best offer ever! I just must buy it


It’s only until you max your items. No permanent change.


Heh, for 270 PLN I would get my mech but with myth Grim Reaper, Legend EMP and slightly more upgraded sword


of course it’s permanent change. the change is to your items that are getting boosted / transformed.
you can switch to your weakest mech to get the best offer.


So you’re saying that if I get my maxed mech… I’ll have 11% more hp?


All maxxed guys are left on the side road…


no, the stats only show what was changed.
what this pack does is boosting and transforming items.
if you have a maxed mech you wont even see the offer and if you have a weak mech the offer will be much more effective.
as I wrote to bestplayer, this offer was not designed for players with end game mechs.
everyone gets it now because it was just released.


So if I get my halfway maxed mech, will the changes have the effect of 110% once maxed or is it just… a boost to get you to Maxed faster?

Because I interpretted this as just a boost. No permanent 110% mech