What should we do with physical weapons?


Who agrees that physical weapons need to be fixed !!!


if by fixed you mean buff them a lil? Sure


Nothing. They’re fine as they are. If anything, the heating mechanism of weapons needs to be fixed increased. And the Face Shocker needs to be DELETED. That’s all.


don’t hate blue mechs…:rofl:


Not gonna happen , phys is the weakest type of any.


Because your heat mech is bad it does not mean that heat is weakest


Can’t be that bad…


So why you say heat should be buffed?


Because it takes too long to heat an average mech. It’s a moot exercise in general.

I’m more of damage oriented mech. And I’m just lucky to have a few OP mods on my mech, which others only dream of.


repaired … these sick? … should be buffeadas the heats … physical is not weak at all the game always favors almost all the physicists with which they fight appear in pvp …


psyh favorized? lmao


a little and more physical weapons


That’s where you’re wrong.

The devs favorise energies the most. Why else do you think Valiant Snipers exist?

But I do agree with you. Heat needs to be buffed. The huge gap between overheating and energy drain is ridiculous.


i get recked by them


That’s probably because you have bad energy