What should i work on now?


should i keep making my first mech stronger or should I work on my secondary mech? My first mech has all legendary weapons/torso, only legs and some modules are epics/rare, meanwhile my secondary mech is basically half epic half rare except for my torso which is legendary what should i do?


Get your first mech modules to legendary. Then work on your second mech. You can stay at a decent rank that way.

Sorry, I misread the question. Work on your second mech. Get all the rares to epics first, then make legendaries.


first focus on the 1st mech, make it op
then make your 2nd mech a ok mech at least


A much simpler explanation


okay will do thanks (La did da di da, fill character slots)


lol, im a simple persom


lol sounds like a good advice. I was told that I shuold switch my first mech to a phys by getting nighteagle up to leggie so i guess ill do that. then i can toss my savagery on my second and make a proper heat


wait can you show me your mechs, i can help you make them good (set up wise)


sure will do. also secondary question- resistance modules- good or bad?


bad unless you have the mythable ones


no, i do not lol guess thats weight i should shed


yep, it’s better to get tons of health instead of protection and decent health



heres the link for the first mech


nice mech, but you should either make it a heat, or a phy, not in between


Since you have mercy and nightfall, I suggest, once you get these weapons, replacing your two top weapons with a night eagle, and another nightfall.


also, do you have a clan yet? if not wanna join mine?


I have one, but Id gladly join yours, its nothing special

https://qsnapnet.com/folders/zfx6i3rq0e0qw7b heres the second mech. its ugly


the annihilation is good, but I dont suggest you have two physicals. Since you have a desolation and savergy on 1, howabout you start work on a heat mech?


how about you give the annihilation to your first mech, give the good savagery and desolation to your second, and get better weapons for the second mech?


yea thats the ending plan my second mech was originally supposed to be a phys with my first a heat but rng dictated differently, I certaintly will though thank you. Ill probably keep the desolation on 1 until i can get my hands on a nother nightfall/ proper phys drone