What should I use for my heat mech?


i need your alls help once again this time its with building a heat mech :smile:

Just a little explanation for all of those who hate my guts and consider me a kid

Zarkares for sure as your torso

Legs: Scorching Feet or Devouring Paws. Most people will say Scorching Feet but I am going to use Devouring paws.


what about blazing legs? :frowning_face:


What are blazing legs?




Those are non-myths so no


what would be a good drone for a heat mech?


Depends on your weapon set up, I personally prefer clash. But if you get magmas or run vandals (or heaters), murder or the other drone is great. (forgot the onedrones name lmao)


hmm i see well off i go to look for a drone for my energy mech :smiley:


Wing forge (L+) or Face Shocker (E+). Are your best choices.


whats the chance that i get one out of a silver box?


Wind doesn’t drop in those. But FS does, and idk haven’t been buying many recently, but if u get an epic, pray.


i think my lucks with me today cause i got epics from 2 free item boxes


That’s actually terrible luck :joy::joy: On average me and my brother get like 5-10 epics a day




“Murder” xD

Nice name for murmur


Torso - Zarkares
Legs - Scorching Feet or Devouring Paws
Weapons - Corrupt Light, Savagery, Desolation, Dawnblaze ?..(not sure about the weapons)
Drone - Clash, Murmur, Nemo
Special - Hook, boost, teleport
Modules - 2 Energy Engines, 2 Heat Engines, 2 HP platings, 1 cooling mass booster / energy mass booster


Torso - Zarkares (Wendigo if you must)
Legs - Scorching Feet or Devouring Paws
Weapons - My suggested loadout for f2p is CL, Terror Cry, Supreme Cannon and Savagery OR Desolation. I don’t recommend using the Dawnblaze.
Drone - Clash if desolation equipped; nemo if savagery.
Special - Teleport and Hook, Charge is optional-ish.
Modules - 2 engines of each type, 2 HP plates, one booster of each type.

If you have prem weapons, things can change quite a bit. The range 1-2 and 2-4 weapons are extremely useful, since any heat F2P layout is weak at that range. Magma Blast and Abomination (in my opinion) tie for best; Reckoning is a close second, followed by Crimson Rapture. Terror Blade is ok, Heronmark isn’t very good, and neither is Sorrow. Flaming Scope is only good if you have nothing else to fill the spot/weight. If you run with the Magma Blast, consider trying out the Vandal Rage as well for extra cooling damage - add the Murmur drone for an awesome electrician-killing combo. The Reckoning is mainly used for damage, not heating; Crimson Rapture works well for mass heaters, but make sure you have good energy stats.


Torso: Zarkares
Legs: Devouring Paws
Side weapons: Corrupt light
Top weapon: Flaming Scope
Drone: Void


Why heat mech would use energy dependent physical drone?