What should I upgrade to Mythical

Need a little help…
What should I upgrade to Mythical…

  • Iron Boots
  • Corrupt Light
  • Energy Engine
  • Nightfall
  • Savagery

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This is my mech

At least you have a mythical ;-; I have 0 :persevere::persevere::persevere:

Zarkares (20 charat)

but I already have a mythical torso…

Your mech are physical style or heat style? Two style mixed are not good.

both…mostly heat though

You have a myth annhation already, than I think nightfall…

ok…choose nightfall on the poll then

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Let me give you one suggestion (from a man who now owns 8 useless maxxed myths):
First decided on your final setup of weapons, that will not change ever after. Then decided on the combo of torso and legs and see how it stacks up. The point I am driving at is the weight of Iron Boots. It is the most limiting factor. I was forced to replace them with ligher items (rolling beasts, but TBH Iron Boots are the heaviest in the game right now). So look if you do not go over 1000 kg limit… Tnen decide which item to up to myth…


So that’s your mech build?you should have only one type of damage(heat,energy,physical).if you want heat upgrade corrupt light and nightfall if physical

Well I was thinking of making a physical mech first because I already have a mythical Windigo and Annihilation, then after I finish my physical mech I was gonna make a heat mech with my maxed legendary Zarkares, Corrupt Light, Savagery and Desolation.

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btw should I transform using the interceptor torso that is legendary maxed?

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I know it is painfull as hell, but hey, that is probably the best use of the Interceptor torso right now. Sadly, I cannot do it, since my Interceptor is myth maxxed (and I am not THAT desperate right now…) But who knows what future brings us…


Now what should I upgrade?

  • Night Eagle
  • Iron Boots
  • Energy Engine

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oh dang i didnt see the pic before vote xD
corrupt light would help ya more
but iron boots will give ya more hp
so trow a coin & leave it to luck

can you choose one from above?
the one right above you?

u gonna be physical?
if that then my vote x nightfall is ok

if u decided to be energy dependant u need the engine maxed as soon as u can
but u know weapons first is always a good choice

But before you transform anything remember to max the mythicals you already own.
Super important!
As for weapons you’re good for now.Go for the legs to tank your mech.

this is my mech right now

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