What Should I Upgrade to Mythical Next?


So yeah… I’m trying to figure out what I should upgrade to mythical next, and I’d like some suggestions considering upgrading to mythical is expensive AF… so here’s what I’m choosing between:

-Flamming Hammer
-Dynamite Boots
-Corrupted Light
-Zarkares (seems like a good torso, not currently being used in my build)
-The Claw (don’t have a great build for it, not currently being used)
-Heat Engine
-Cooling Mass Booster

Things I have already as mythical:

(idk how helpful this bit of info is, but just some extra details)

I don’t really have much else that I think be even worth upgrading, at least right now, anyway.
Any suggestions are helpful! Thanks in advance!




And Claw.


If you already have myth Archi and Savagery on your main mech, I would myth a corrupt light on there too. No reason (in my opinion) to start mything items on a second mech if your first doesnt have a working array of mythicals. I like to myth the torso, then one weapon, then the legs, another weapon, then drone. Again, I am not an expert, but it seems to work.


keep zark, claw, and mods

scrap everything else and pray for magmas and showers


Zark an claws .-.


the bones of your mech.