What should I transform to legendary?

Here’s my mech

  • backbreaker
  • night eagle
  • iron boots

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Boots. Backbreaker is little cancerous.
Night eagle will wait.
Now go use IronBoots.

Boots! For more hp.

backs is bae
200 - 400 dmg is not gud

I’ve wrote this countless times and I’m gonna do it again.Instead of the axe,just go for an annihilation.That thing is way better in pretty much all aspects.
Annihilation has double the range,but 10 times more usable than the Back Breaker.It’s energy free (so it’s gonna save you when drained,unlike the hammer which you’ll use to bash nails on your mech’s own coffin).It has limited use,sure,but you’ll still use that thing more than the BB.It drains a lotta resistance (the hammer does regen/cooling damage,but it gets more and more insignificant as you go through higher tier arenas…It’s useless against mechs that have over 250 cooling).
And if you ain’t lucky enough to get an annihilation right now,then any other weapon works just as fine instead of the hammer…Even a shotgun to get your opponent in range for your Nightfalls!
So please,just give up on the Back Breaker…
As for weapons,yours look okay for now (but you could use one more side weapon tho),so upgrade the legs for they are also very important and basic parts of your mech.Never skip a leg day :slight_smile:

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I know but unfortunately I don’t have annihilation or mercy :disappointed:

It’s! But not for a melee.

I know a friend which use seraphblade, (i mean FiringBot) and he use backbreaker.
He now trying beat hard BB using it.

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he talking about me?
Wait… how did shaun the sheep know me?
he only 2 days active of 42 total days?

The only use of backbreaker is to hide your useful weapons behind it so people don’t know what you have

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