What should i pick?

if i get the weapon, should i use spartan carnage, or my already owned frntic gay?

Spartan over frantic

yeh, i had a feeling. i really hope i get a spartan. or get to 250 so i can trade with my frend. we will trade an archimonde for a spartan

Why are you talking about trading like it’s a thing

Wtf is that even a question?
Divine that Spartan,you Frantic gay.


at level 250, trading is enabled. we are working towards max level.

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I’m pretty sure its not.

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yes it is

i have an alt thats lvl 250 and it has 9 plats

also pick the frantic gay, so i can call u gay

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but im not gay… i like gurls

well pick the frantic so u can be gay and like gurls at the same time

never. i already have it on my mech anyway

You can trade at level 250? Do both accounts have to be 250?

yes. they do have to both be 250

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Well I have about 75 levels to go. Lol. I guess I’ll never get there before the game dies.

Trading at 250. I’ll believe it when I see a youtube video. Beside, I have not seen any news about it.

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Frantic Gays

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but trading is not enabled at 250.

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Frantic Brute is far superior

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Im thinking about reowning a frantic and maxing it out, and put it with my zarks build, should i do it?

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