What should I myth?


I have all those physical weapons … So i should myth those asap right?

Just mythed my grim reaper torso vs the interceptor


Can you show me your mech pic?


Just mythed my physical void


Very nice. I will say, why a Grim Reaper on a physical mech? That torso has the worst hp of any myth torsos.

I see that Zarkares in there, I’d definitely suggest switching to it. Its worth it (even though it’ll take a while to get to myth).


I would use an avenger torso for a physical or the windigo but the Zarkares is good as well


I use the reaper cuz I maxed it first (when I boost items I match the damage type (heat,energy,physical) and item type (torso,leg,etc…) and just happened to have more energy torsos than any other item, plus I noticed it did better in PvP than my interceptor (that’s why I mythed it).
So at the top it’s more important to have higher HP?
Should I start boosting the zakarus or windigo even tho both are heat torsos?
I’m guessing only and notice I tend to beat players with a few more hundred HP than me (60/40ratio)
Altho I’ve been playing quite a while I’m a noob on what items do and which are best, I just aim for max damage and stay at rank 10 in PvP.
I have over 100 items at all times and most are epic thus I don’t tend to use those in boosts unless its the one I’m building to reach legendary so I can then use it to help transform 1 of my max legendaries to mythical.


Ah, that makes sense. You definitely need a lot more hp if you want to survive top-level physicals - with heat and energy it varies, sometimes damage is better. Zarkares is the best heat torso IMO, and it works pretty well with any other type; however, Windigo is good if you don’t have a lot of weight to spare. Definitely go with what works for you though - and good luck!


I need more gold to do that.


No worries, that’s what campaign is for. insert gold emoji here


Lol nice emoji idea, got 3mil gold from campaigns so no sweat here.

Thanks for the info, it’s always appreciated.
Will work on both windigo and zakarus to see which fits best, but since I tend to use only 2 side weapons, weight isn’t usually an issue.