What should I myth?

So, I got almost enough legendaries to make a mythical. What should I myth first? My torso, nightfall, or annihilation? (I don’t have legs that go to myth yet)

  • Windigo
  • Annihilation
  • Nightfall

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IMO I think I should do the torso because it just generally improves everything.


Always myth the torso first


The torso gives you HP, energy and heat cap, not to mention a little energy regen/cooling. Since it gives you the most for each upgrade, definitely myth the torso first.

Personally I try to follow a pattern for my mythicals: One non-damage item, then a weapon, than another non-damage item; a non-damage item being torso, legs, utilities and drone (I know it does damage but whatever).

actually, myth Void after Windigo. Void is second highest dmg drone, and does resist drain. If you happen to get a desert fury, and a greedy, use those two.

Desert Fury? Greedy? Why those? My understanding is that those are actually pretty bad. Am I missing something there?

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I’m in the same situation. I can myth 1 item now and a 2nd in a few days.
Here’s my list of available items I can myth now:
Torso - Grim Reaper and Interceptor
Leg - Devouring Paws
Top Weapon - Desolation and Night Eagle
Drone - Void

So what is best to myth 1st and then 2nd?
Thanks for any help

First and foremost you should try and decide what type you’re going to be.

Energy Torso mixed with heat/phys weapons is not a good mix.

Just try each type and then decide on which single type you’ll be.

Desert Fury does 23 resist. Greedy does 10. More than the 30 that dual anni does.

23resist drain with decent damage. You’re better off dual anis + NF and possibly spartan carnage if you’re lucky enough to get one.

Fury would only work if it’s damage was comparable to Ani/NF.

Plus Greedy is a free hit, mediocre damage but you rip your target to shit with dual anis + greedy (if they decide to even run it).

Yeah…Too bad a dual annihilation combo/annihilation+void would deal almost double the damage anyways…
Yeah,Greedy is useless compared to void.
Desert Fury is also useless for it consumes energy and deals very little damage compared to the other physical meta.
The res drain has no meaning like this.A round won’t last a year,so you’d be overtook by damage before you drain enough resistance to actually start doing some good damage.
My mech with dual annihilations,a nightfall and night eagle combines with a void versus your mech with sedert fury and greedy.Doesn’t stand a single chance,even if you’d be to start first.
I would drain less of your resistance,sure thing.But I would outdamage you before you even realize it.
Do not use these 2 items on your physical build for all you’d do is ruin it and give free wins to other players.
There items suck really bad.

If you end up on range 5, first turn you either charge or get drone out.
Next turn you use desert fury. If you had charged, you still would have pulled out greedy, then charged on the next and use anni. Only 25 resist drained.

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You never charge in the first round xD
It would be a waste.Use it when you really need it and after you at least drained your opponent a little otherwise it’s another free hit.
Still,while void drains 5 and greedy drains 10,Void has like…Double the damage?
Well,it does look amazing tho (looks like Antares’ brother and man,I loved that drone).
And Desert fury…Drains 23…7 more drain that Annihilation.
Annihilation does like 100 more damage!
Plus it has 3 uses…Plus it’s energy-free…
Yeah…Please…Just get over these 2…
I get it…They are L-M’s…You expect them to be freakin’ amazing…I thought so too,before I saw what they are actually capable of…They ain’t that bright,brother…
Sure,you can do whatever you wanna do on your own personal mech,but as a physical user I can’t help but tell you that there are better combos and weapons than them out there.

I like physical best. I don’t use the devouring paws I use a iron boots I think. My anhil is close to max legendary and I use it most. I use grim reaper cuz better benefits. I use night eagle and void as well.
I’m not a heat(exp) guy cuz everyone comes prepared with extra heat regen in PvP.
I’m not much of an energy guy cuz even when I lose all energy I can still attack decently.
I just got valiant sniper and desert fury … sniper has helped in the new raids and even tho I like physical, I believe I need something like sniper so I’m not just a one-sided attacker.

Au contraire, you definitely want your mech to be as one-sided as possible - at least in attack. The more you specialize, the better.

That being said, the Valiant Sniper is amazing and you could definitely use it on an energy mech when you decide to build one.

Of course myth your torso first.And pls change that chromium crushers to iron boots=more HP

Not to mention myth-capable. That’s more important than anything!

I just can’t find iron boots for the life of me. My last epic one I fused away some time ago…

Are energy mechs really that good? I can still attack without energy so I’m confused, I’m rank 10-11 in pvp atm.
Is it all about HP?

Energy mechs use epic-myth weapon are really weak(hysteria, malice beam, grim cobra…), but use legendary-myth weapon is really strong( valiant sniper, ash creater, bunker shell)

Most good physical weapon are starting from epic(annihilation, nightfall, night eagle…