What should I myth on my Physical Mech?

So here are the items I can get to mythical.

  • Nighteagle
  • Second Nightfall
  • Rolling Beasts
  • Hurlbat
  • Energy Booster
  • Energy Module
  • Heat Booster
  • Heat Engine

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Entrust yourself to improve your rolling beasts to get more HP then improve the Nihgfall and the Night Eagle :slight_smile:

I need them beasts yo

Rolling beasts are pretty beast I still have not them though if you have any more question I am a phy mech person so yah ask any day

The way I did it prior to this 2v2 update.

Torso > Iron Boots > Ani > Night Fall > Ani > Night Eagle > Void > Charge > Hook > Then my mods and other stuff like TP. lol

Obviously you shouldn’t do it this way since you need the second mech up and running asap. But maybe this will give you an idea. And please, only take opinions/advice from pro Phys mech players. Such as Misfit and Lordgorgon (and some others).

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I’d say, considering only 1 phys mech:
Torso>legs>most used weapon>weapons who help you keep the opponent in range of your already myth weapon (I mean if you have a myth Annihi, then myth Night Eagle because it help you keep somewhat in range of the Annihi…for exemple)>drone>plates/engines>others weapons>rest of the modules>rest of the utilities

But I’m wondering…Is Hurlbat a placeholder drone used instead of Void ?

don’t use Hurlbat, its objectively the worst physical drone.

its extra damage stats are a waste of weight for you, they wount come in useful. Void’s resistence drain will mean that after just 1 round, if you fire two physical weapons it has 14.5 more average damage and another 14.5 more every round that follows firing two physical weapons (9.5 more if you fire one of 4.5 more if you fired only the void).

Nope. I put it in there to see how people would react for me using Hurlbat. I hate it so ima change it to void soon =)

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I just said I wanted to see people’s reaction. Then I look down.

And yes I know I just don’t have any other drone and Void never pops up :confused: