What should I do?


So, yesterday I got a Face shocker. Is a very good drone, but is epic and I upgraded it only to Level 8. And I already have a legendary Void on Level 10. I wonder should I keep Face Shocker and transform it to legendary, or should I just keep using Void? Tell me guys. :confused: :confused: (also I’m using a heat mech)

  • Keep Void
  • Keep Face Shocker

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It sounds like you’re a phys mech because you’re using void so I would just recommend keeping it.


Use faceshoker If u r energy and void if u r physical


I’m heat :3 (20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)


I don’t know …


If you’re heat, than just wait until you can get a heat drone… and use that. Anything else will only sell you short. Keep the void for now, since its legendary.


Should stop creating topics for no reason. :slight_smile:




I would say keep both and upgrade clash :slight_smile:


These things don’t cope with each other.
My reply:
Keep none for your mech (you can keep both in your inventory for your other mechs,of course) and just get a heat drone like Clash or Murmur…


How am I supposed to get them? With magic?


Not at all!
It’s a epic-myth drone.With a little patience you’ll eventually come across it (if you haven’t already) :smile:
Make sure to keep and upgrade it when you do for you’ll find it very useful (especially that fact that’s energy-free,drains resistance and all :slight_smile: )


Easy, Just buy 10k tokens and open premium boxes, you will come across 2-3 of them

Otherwise Grind RB and buy Boxes and in 2 days u can get it