What should i do with my tokens?

i have 400 tokens (free to play) and i dont know if I should buy a Premium pack or do some thing else
pls help me :slight_smile:

I would go and get a premium box then save the rest of the tokens for another premium box. The chances of getting a “premium” item (legendary+) are so low otherwise that there is nothing else you can really do. Not only that, those “premium” items really dominate the top ranks right now - so yeah, I would say go for it.

Igot 5 epics like 99% of the time :frowning:

Instead, just keep saving them, and use tokens ONLY TO PURCHASE MORE ENERGY FOR GRINDING.

Wait but why? You don’t get any legendaries from missions anymore.

And after you spend these hard-earned 400 tokens on boxes, you will just kill yourself and say, “How stupid I was”… Trust me, been in your shoes, I know how it feels. If you really want to purchase boxes, wait for special events (like 30% off), and buy only large ones. They give much better chances. It is almost 1 legend per box. But you need more tokens to buy in batches…

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Sorry @romain8787, I forgot to say wait for the 30% off hot sales whoops. There might be one coming up really soon from Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Just FYI.

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