What shall I myth?

I wouldn’t ask for any help if I weren’t so torn between choices, but. . . What should I myth?

  • 2nd Energy Module
  • 2nd Heat Module
  • Desert Fury (Trade armor for it and add more regen in the armor module’s place)

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Desert Fury mech would have 2074 HP, standard resists, standard heat, and 253 regen.

Plz go there http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/the-what-should-i-upgrade-thread/11621/44
don’t make useless topic anymore
But that’s your choice.


Sorry, I guess Desert Fury won’t ever be useful to me. :sweat_smile:

But what do you have? I ca not vote if I don´t know what you have.

Blindly, I’d say you start with the heat module, because if your energy fails, you can still play, but if the heat fails, you died!

Desert fury, discard it!

Was just about to do that too.
We should try to keep things organized and not swarm with thread duplicates.