What’s with all the Platinum Plates?

So, after getting 2 in the last two weeks, I had 70 tokens and watched 3 videos to get another 6, so I could get a premium box. Opened it and got another Platinum Plate.

That’s 3 in two weeks! Plus I got a Max Protector in the same period.

To be honest, I was quite disappointed as it can’t fit on my primary build. Stashed away for my next mech now. I would have preferred a Magma or another Crimson. Anybody want to swap?

EDIT: I think No.4 coming up from raffle :):grin:



I envy your luck.

You got 3 in two weeks…
People like don’t get a single one in an entire lifetime.


33 PM
are you this guy?

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Yep, same dude. 20 chars.

I remember you are puss# destroyer?

Why my dude?

I don’t hate kittens

K then.


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I am hoping to get platinum plating ._. Its not bad…
If you got 3 then that would mean you would have a butt load of hp.

I read your post.

Yes, that’s exactly what it was.

why have only 2179 hp if you have 3 plats?or are they not yet maxed?
also wish you luck in getting reckoning,I know you use only mercy

3 PP in 2 weeks
3 PP in 2 weeks
3 PP in 2 weeks

and PResist

no words. no censor words.for tacticsoft and their liars

2TopicStarter U are very lucky/


I can’t fit it on the mech. I have 2 maxed myth plates, plus a Maximum Protector. The 3 heat engines, which are essential. My current build doesn’t need more HP, just better weapons.

I will use the new plate on an energy build I’m busy with.

Thanks for the kind words. Best of luck to you too pal!

What do you mean by watching videos?

You watch a video and get 2 tokens. I play on iOS, so it’s there in the shop under tokens.

Ohhh, I’m on PC

Honestly, I think they are dropping more often now, otherwise I’m just damn lucky!

I spent a total of $180USD in the 2 weeks though. Only money I ever spent, and I did it when I was lvl 150 at rank 2/3. Maybe the modules drop easier at higher levels?

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