What other games do you play?


So, the topic says it all. I’ll go first.

Dragonfable (RPG)
Occasionally anything Duck Life
StrikeForce Heroes (#1-3)
Surviv.io (Battle Royale game)
Mutilate a Doll 2

The rest of the stuff I do is really anything that interests me or stuff that I find.


None of them in your list.


Battlefield 1
Titanfall 2
DOOM 2016
Call of duty black ops 2


Battlefield 3,4,1
Cod WW2,AW
Nfs rivals
and other stuff(yes i have great pc)




That’s all?..


naw just the only game I want to mention


Uhm this???


A lot of the COD’s
And a lot of other PS4,and PC games


Why fortnite???(I also would ask does it have singleplayer?)


Yes it has single player

It is not my favorite out of the ones i listed but its good


Oh thank you…


Yeh you should play it some time its like pubg i think


Pubg is familiar but you just start with jumping plane


that is what you do in Fortnite but it is a bus


Bus fam?What do you mean bus?


You jump out of a flying bus just try the game some time and you will see


Ok soo like it has like ORIGINAL single player (i was talking about fighting with bot’s not a stupid campaign.)


Oh you fight against other people online is that better


I was talking about bot’s not online.