What Mythical item is worth 5 Legendaries?

Somehow I believe I know the answer to this question. I would just like to see the responses of others… Which item in mythical form are you willing to fuse your 5 legendary items for?

My setup is almost complete. The only things I desperately need and will die for (or do anything else equally irresponsible) are:

  1. Physical legend hook
  2. Any number of legendary plate modules
  3. Three legendary resistance modules.

Period. End of story. With this I need no other stuff. I may grind my teeth off with BB missions to fuse these precious gems to myth status, BUT STILL I NEED TO GET THEM FIRST!

Most mythicals make most legendaries look like pea shooters.


What Mythical item is worth 5 Legendaries?

A Mythical Torso in my opinion

Mythical legs are important too they give a lot of HP

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short answer is all of them. even your modules should be made mythic if you want to really start rolling out wins.

once you have your mech items selected it is absolutely worth throwing away spare legendaries to get every part you can up to mythical. trust me my dude, once you get your stuff up to mythical you’ll never look back.

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this makes me feel so bad for throwing mine away

I’ll admit that the fusion process at legendary level (to mythical) is not easy by any means.
Any myth item I got was purely random (or once in a great while I can merge some times, but that takes damn near forever.
Oh, well…