What music are you listening to?


This is some old song lmao


Geometry Dash Song lol


This song is one of my favorites!

This is a more modernized and remix version of the older version of this song. I will say, this is a really good piece in my opinion.
Older Version -

There is a story in this. From what I heard from my father, the mother (in the remix drama version) and her husband had been living happily. But one day, the husband had to leave for work. He left to Germany (I think?) but he ended up dying there. The sadder part was that he died right after the baby had been born. Out of sadness, the mother had ended up being poor and had tried to commit suicide. But as you can see, she did not and she held on.
So from this? I think this has a sort of huge message here. But I canโ€™t really decipher what it really is.


My sister is watching my little pony if that counts.


copy paste it into your new tab


I could probably make it sound worse but I donโ€™t wanna expose my voice to the internet.


Here I found an ok ytp


pray for the underrated songs


I used to listen it going to school 4 years ago


music of the gods literally just listen.




theres no magic guy in the sky
is you high?




Yo you mind if I build on this, I like it


wut do u mean by โ€œbuildโ€ ?


Like, add more to the song


yes, that will be great, if possible xd