What music are you listening to?



I’m already Tracer.


Im working on a new piano piece rn.



seemed appropriate :wink:





Rest in Peace Stan Lee, Excelsior


Such a good collab, 10/10.


good song. hits me in the feels

callic jik with his weeb shit


I hardly post weeb stuff all you post is edgy shit lmao.

Listen to Chad music and join the lowest common denominator thx.


WMist, Jesus Christ! That’s old!


kurt cobain is the ultimate chad.

>makes shitty garage music comercial and makes billion
>has all the disgusting thots in the music industry competiung for him
>takes heroin because he feels like it even when he has a child and huis whole family beg him to stop
>has a wicked cool shotgun

what does anime electonic music producers have but an overpriced apple laptop?


Courtney killed him lmao.

Kurt wasn’t a Chad he died to his wife like a cuck.

I’m talking about tyrone beats not weeb music.


only because he was going to divorse the ■■■■■ for getting “too friendly” with her drummer


I listen to this when i start fighting people in bd


God I love $crim.



I should re buy under night in birth on PC this time, haven’t played a fighting game in forever.