What music are you listening to?


Its stuck in my head so I had to listen to it


Never really listened to jpop before. Thanks for sharing!

And dragalia lost is a mobile game?! I thought it was a DS game xD


some great chill music ^^



I love that IU song :smiley:


K-Pop huh?


Yep, wait…you’re from Korea right?..


I was born in the USA.
But I have Korean origins. Korean was the first language I learned. I learned English at the age of 6. Korean age 2.


Winz and I were born in NZ but also have Korean origins.

English was the first language we learnt, ever since we were born we used English to each other, we learnt Korean when I was 5 and Winz was 7 and use Korean with my Parents, cousins

btw, What’s your Favourite Korean Food?


Oh that’s tough…
I have so many xd

Red Bean Buns
Kimchi Ji-gae
(I have so many I can’t name them all xd)



I like Chapagetti but with rice instead of noodles.
Kimchi Ji-gae
Korean Barbeque
Tang su yoog
Nang myun

and more


Going to upload some of the classics of video game soundtrack.

(these were released way back in 2008)


What 'bout dis?


Heres the remixed version.

(Nintendo made the remake.)




Two completely opposite songs


A classic!


Great now it’s in my head again thanks for reminding me lol.


Lol. You’re welcome.