What music are you listening to?


Yess!! another Kpop fan


can you explain what you like kpop? not trying to hate, just to understand better since besides a few songs I’ve heard it just doesn’t appeal to me



Ha, yes those are part of Kpop but Kpop has several types, it just depends on what style of music you like, Classical, Rock, Jazz, Dubstep etc


none of these per se :d

I’ve heard all of the songs you’d posted except for the last one, and I guess it’s just not what I’d usually listen to. Korean music mixed with EDM or Pop Rap is what I’d describe what you posted as.

Since a lot of you guys I see are into the more dubstep/edm music try Iglooghost


Maybe he just likey it


didn’t mean to imply its inherently bad joshy :a

I actually am digging whatever this is you posted lmao


As he said, there’s a huge mix of different types.



No, I had to go to school and those were the ones that came to mind at the time



Still Daoko =)



I haven’t heard of Iglooghost ever yet, and I thank you for showing me one of his masterpieces.


“Hear.” Have one of my new favorite songs.
(I’ll kill myself while at it.)

People say I is very weird for liking this song.
Whats so bad about this song :thinking:

“Hear.” Have another one. (Another song and another bad repeated pun.)


Never heard before, I like this artist! :smiley:
I think this is my favorite I’ve heard so far (from the very little I’ve listened to so far)


I really dig his latest 2 Eps, and he is honestly my favorite producer when it comes to more techno stuff

check em out :3


DAOKO is fantastic! , speaking of her shes worked with a dude named Yonezu Kenshi, who is also amazing

And for the fellow weebs out there hes the dude who (imo :P) pioneered most of the vocaloid genre’s production power

versus the human version he had on his album (uploaded by me personally :sneezing_face:)


And for what ive personally been listening to:

won’t be around for a bit, take care y’all

Follow me on last.fm :stuck_out_tongue:


For the kpop fans, this is catchy


She is an alternative jpop artist. Some of her songs are really dark with heavy themes. She is currently remixing songs for a mobile game I am playing :slight_smile: