What music are you listening to?


im listening to the teminite inception album. great music




Hey all! If you are interested in a video sharing platform, I made this for HTK a year ago for supermechs players to share music while playing the game.

I am the only moderator but if any TS admins would like access to moderating this room, I can grant them the access so that supermechs players can use it. (Safely) =)

O and I recently got back into Fire Emblem so most of the music I listen to currently are from the Fire Emblem series.



Is that fire emblem or?
It looks like fire emblem. Cuz I see Corrin back there. (If its not fire emblem then sorry because I know corrin from super smash bros.)


Corrin is the avatar for his/her series in fire emblem. You can play as both F!Corrin or M!Corrin. Most people play Male Corrin because they like to ship Azura and Corrin. You determine Corrin’s gender at start of game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Most people in smash bros play female corrin…
I don’t know who Azura is but ok. Shipping is still going through a lot of games huh.





also I drink coffee and listen to this to hype myself up for an hour of studying

then I use this as a timer


Playing SM atm. =)



will do a music dump soon, ik y’all dont care but hopefully someone picks up something good



Any Tobu music but this is the one I’m listening to right now so yeah

Decode My 'About Me' for a potential prize!
Decode My 'About Me' for a potential prize!




Post Malone & Swae Lee’s new release, Sunflower.


This is nice…