What music are you listening to?


Use albums as a basis mi amigo, genres are too widespread

For example, you can make a chart of your favorite albums on a website linked below, here is mine


It’s fun if you want to share what you’re into :slight_smile:



I mostly hear musics from:

  • the Youtube channel of JT Music, also known as JT Michinama
  • WaterFlame (musician’s nickname)
  • Father of Death (musician’s nickname)
  • Celdweller (musician’s nickname)
  • NemesisTheory (musician’s nickname)
  • F-777 (musician’s nickname)
  • Johny Atma’s metal remixes of video games’ OST
  • Metal remixes and original pieces of FalKKone
  • Musics from Pendulum and Knife Party
  • Sometimes music from TecknoAxe (I’m not completly sure it’s written like that…)

And currently, it’s JT’s Michinama rap on Warframe, “A Tenno’s Dream” :smiley_cat:


good sht


A whole lot of nostalgia from that list

Check out these 4 songs I guess

(posted some of em before, just these came to mind if I wanted to recommend you something)

Celebrate music :slight_smile:


From what part exacly ? ^^

And I tried to hear your musics, but they are too…“slow” for me…

(I forgot to Aviccii sometimes too in my list ^^)

Here is my phone ringtone to give you an idea of my kind of music ^^

Enjoy ^^


Waterflame, F-777, Pendulum especially, and Knife Party. I used to listen to em all when I was younger

You’re half right I guess, while I wouldn’t call the songs I recommended slow :stuck_out_tongue: but just not something up your alley.

I went through my original Carter’s grand playlist, lmk what you think about uh

I gotta catch up on my own music taste from a few years ago now though, brb



I only listen to car horns and factory smokes tyvm


Oh my goodness, I remember listening to GaMetal lol

Favorite is golden sun stuff and fire emblem


in summer i mainly listened to sounds of tired workers


Basically Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed…


Have you heard their new 2018 single?


i am listening to manuel - GAS GAS GAS



you are one of my dudes


Loving the vibes of this one…


Tenacious D is better… JACK BLACK!


Shh…let people enjoy their music


God damn