What music are you listening to?



The only song where 6ix9ine isnt screaming his head off


I personally love the new album from BFMV,Gravity.
Other songs…Dunno.Stuff from Goodbye To Gravity(The Day We Die and Shadow Puppets,best songs),While She Sleeps (Silence Speaks is my favourite song),Inferi-Behold The Bearer Of Light,every song from AngelMaker and Ingested (great band,awesome people) and this is all I can remember for now :slight_smile:


I checked out Gravity, it’s like a better version of area11 so thank you lol

I think you might like this album, by a polish group. It’s more up the black metal alley but I actually liked it






Hey I know this game, superb.

But I liked Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge better lol




Long post, scroll up and click on something you think looks cool idk





another dump, celebrate listening to music!! It’s good for you


I like piano classical, like Mozart, Game Music, Dubstep, and that’s all.


thats good! enjoy what you want to listen to!

Whenever I dump I just hope someone sees something interesting and likes it.


These are what I like :

Piano Classical
Funky Game Music
Hardcore Music
Hardcore Renaissance
Timeless Artcore
Electro House
Future Core
Melodic Darkcore
Gothic Hardtrapcore
Hardcore Drumstep
Hybrid Moombahcore

And many more! (Probably about 48+ or so more genres lol)