What music are you listening to?


Death metal,brutal death metal,slam and a little bit of metalcore (I like BFMV).


I guess I phrased it wrong but any bands in particular? I don’t know a lot of groups outside grunge and thrash metal


Heart shaped box- Nirvana


AngelMaker,Shadow Of Intent,Bullet For My Valentine (the only ‘‘lighter’’ band),Chelsea Grin,Make Them Suffer,Signs Of The Swarm,Ingested etc.

And a little Suicide Silence.
But just a little.



I listen at normal speed for more of a rythem and groove thing, and at 1.25 speed for more of a driving speed.




ill check em out thank u


Is sabaton a metal band?


Yes,but a shitty one.
Rip-off band.


Who they ripped off?


They ripped off heavy metal.It’s actually a power metal band that tried its best to reach the title of heavy metal,but failed miserably.If you have more age as a metalhead/rocker,you would recognize how many riffs from successful bands they ripped off.


Isn’t that called inspiration?


No,inspiration is one thing,ripping off is another.
There’s a limit to how much you can be “inspired” by a song.


Tell that to blizzard and overwatch


I disagree, you can’t own a chord or a note. I agree that if someone COPIES you lyrics or rhythm entirely than you should get credit, but almost all music has elements stolen from other works before it.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tAwYfpe_fI :heart: :heart: :heart:



@L4K3 any specific metal songs or albums you’d recommend? Sorry I haven’t responded but I did like Shadow of intent.