What music are you listening to?



One of my favourite songs, The Climb by miley Cyrus​:heartbeat::heart_eyes:


K-Pop cuz that is great yehett!!!
Also those weird things called Vocaloid XD
Anybody else with me on dis???


Why the ■■■■ does music from films/adverts have to be so obscure? You’ll be lucky to find videos on YouTube and even then they are prone to being taken down.

Composers need more exposure is all I’m saying.


I refuse to listen to Jaden Smith on principle, without his daddy’s help he would be a nobody and it irks me. it’s bad enough I was roped into watching that god-awful Will Smith father son vanity project “After Earth”. someone needs to tell Shayamalan to stop.

anyway here’s a song by someone with talent:


.>having talent



your mother is very talented in the bedroom, Kaen.


Nothing bad being talented there :grey_exclamation:

For my part … being Top 3 of the world in a real sport … it isn’t like that, that when you enter the bedroom, all your talents are gone :exclamation:



Amy Macdonald “This Is The Life” sung live …

best version ever


You guys should listen to this


die with ur onime


with special dedication …



Can’t argue with the truth, mate. Joke’s on u tho i hit it first


Now this is talent


So I’ve been hunting for composer music (https://www.audionetwork.com) because I wanted some disaster film dramatica and I found these…
They range from ‘This is amazing wtf composers are underpowered ples buff’ to ‘THE ADVANCE SEARCH, IT DOES NOTHING! schnell’.

David O’Brien - Critical Mass Yes this is what I was looking for.
Gerrit Wunder - Foot Chase Ok I want more of this.
Guy Farley/Andrew Carroll - Savage Mountain This is good but it’s all suspense and no climax.
Mark Petrie/Gina Brigida - Eye Of Horus Very good but doesn’t scream Yellowstone erupting.
Chris Egan/Andrew Cooksley - Last Crusade The last part really reminds me of the Terminator theme and I don’t care it’s going on this list!

I did also check if Si Begg was on the database, pulls microphone into his face and mumbles he, he isn’t.


“Last Crusade”? DEUS VULT


Time for bed…Another wasted night.



New Cannibal Corpse… Completely brutal destruction.


I put music clip french translated English he makes fun of rap