What music are you listening to?


[details=Lyrics translated to english]Now my time comes, you see how I poop on you?
It’s 30 degrees, but I’m still wearing my leather jacket
Shut up, I’m a criminal offender.
Tell me what you need, I’ll get it.
The neighborhood is afraid of me.
Who wants to be my enemy?

And up to the skyline
You buy our tape and think you can join us now
What’s rap? Rap is nothing if you’re nothing
None of my friends raps because they don’t like German rap enough
■■■■ your dirty beats

Airmax Music
Now it’s war, ■■■■ your love song
Sonny bounced the deep beat, come on

Sonny Techno, get out of my ghetto

You want to look angry, but I’m sending you out on the board, yo.

Your big house is only 3 districts down the road.
But still, you’re twenty times richer in spasticity

Sonny, who’s softer?

■■■■ it, it goes on
I’m gonna steal my food and buy you expensive clothes
I’m sorry, unfortunately…

… you bastard fucked up.
I’m 20 years old and already ■■■■ your city today
I got the fatest bag, the fattest city, I ■■■■ you spast

He’s fat and gross

… because I know you hate me, it fits…

… not in your concept, I don’t care, I stay perfect
I cast the shadow on the city and watch you guys die.
We’re not nice, because we’ll be on top of it by tomorrow anyway
I open the window and see the little kids taking drugs

[Hook: Bushido and (Fler)]
From kerbstone to skyline
(Do you see our world as it never stands still, yeah?)
And from horizon to asphalt
(It’s our life in the city that never sleeps, yeah)

From kerbstone to skyline
(Do you see our world as it never stands still, yeah?)
And from horizon to asphalt
(It’s our life in the city that never sleeps, yeah)

[Verse 2: Bushido and Fler]

You yell “Yeah, yeah”

Yeah, here comes King Fler
Come on, show me who can do more
You sacrifice your’ King here

I’m the boss.

It’s action from the gutter
Silver necklace leather jacketrap
I sleep with your wife in bed
When you scream

It’s the rhythm of the night.
From the horizon to the asphalt, but here everything is mine
Everyone knows you’re just playing, you want my fossil clock
I want to ■■■■ your mother, faggot, now it’s pure war.
Run away, peck.

Because Frank White is the best act
Everyone gives me respect now
I rap perfectly on the track
The ghetto’s got a new star, give me your money.
I’d love to laugh, but I admit it’s hard for me to laugh
What’s the matter with you?

What should it be? I’m into it

Oh shit

Anyway, the bullet’s in the barrel.
Into the house, I’ll rob you all
Give me your belongings
It’s my patch and I taste the blood every day
I hear the fans

You hooker, now Dirty Dance
I’ll meet Sonny on the block and go downstairs, destroy the gangs,
There’s no point in me getting into debt down to my chin
I’m gonna make the robbery and take the main prize
You must be tough too

When the beat stops running
But then the facade falls and you toys are German again
You have a problem with the style we live in
But I don’t give a shit about your family because we don’t give anything to you.

[Hook] 2x

[Outro: Scratches]

I spend to many nights sniffing coke

Am I right?
Wasting my life
Now I’m trying to make things right*[/details]



Accustic …

Video …



I love you arc, you seedy bastard.

Heres a song:


Reminds me to my childhood! :slight_smile:



I was not expecting to see Marina and the Diamonds here, ++++ to you


Whenever I try to put a bodykit on a mech torso


Try this one. This is the legendary, one and only:


I never tried Need for Speed Underground 1 unfortunately, just never got it as a kid. For me it started with Underground 2 but despite this I have heard this song many times before on unrelated YouTube videos.


This was something extraordinary. Coupled with the first Fast and Furious movie, I just could not believe my eyes, my ears, my all senses… This game was flawless, stole a huge chunk of my life…


Old school, bro old school.


Recently I have been jamming to HogPig , the Muggs, and Dixie Witch. Elder came out with a new album this year as well. This year I have gone to see YOB , Obituary, Kowloon Walled City, Neurosis, Black Cobra, Gatecreeper, Pallbearer, Lettuce, and Orgone. This weekend I am going to see Slow Death and Trap Them last show. I will be jamming with the dudes from 5ive, and RAWRADARWAR . Music is life.



Ahh yes, XS Project

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There, is that enough bloody characters for you?[/details]



Right now the new Space Ghost … Pretty dope intergalactic rock and roll



This is one of my favorite southern rock bands currently.


Okay, hear me out. Jaden Smith is actually a decent rapper, his new album is fairly fire. He’s so fuckin goofy looking and acting, but the album itself is pretty good (obviously had great producers helping him, I know Lido had a hand in it and you can hear Lido’s beats in various tracks).

Dude is a meme, but it’s good. Listen first, then watch how goofy it is.