What music are you listening to?


For me, I am listening to Muse - Newborn right now :slight_smile:

Old best songs. I prefer on what you like to listen tge most. I Want to try it
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Music sharing thread
You should listen to this song ,

I like to listen to Sabaton, or three days grace sometimes a little bit of linkin park :slight_smile:


FilthyFrank Pink Album


Foo fighters - Best of you


Ohhh boy a music forum post! I actually have a massive playlist that has come together from personal findings as well as reccomendations from lots of other BD players.

If you want to check it out click here

Feel free to send me any reccomendations, I’m always open to any music :slight_smile:


Alec Wiley and Vulfpeck



Some of you guys might recognise this as a remix of a certain tune from a famous old Flash game. :grin:


Oh my god …

The flashbacks!!!


Ayyyeee Three Days Grace and Linkin Park <3


Three Days Grace - I hate everything about you


Ayyeeee Georgey even <3


Matchbox 20 - Unwell


Gorillaz - Every Planet We Reach Is Dead


Future- F**k up some commas


Bob Ross Remixed


Breaking Benjamin - Without you


Yall listen to trash music. Listen to filthyfrank, best artist out there, mythical lyrical


I’m proud of the fact that I know “Nickelodeon Girls” by heart :wink:


Diary of jane :smiley: