What Mobile Games Do You Guys Play?


Granblue Fantasy is the only mobile game I play, all the other games are shit.


Granblue Fantasy is a great game, yah. Fun stuff.

Also, try any game u find on “nutaku net” Search it up. Its a great site. Has great apps and games


I play Potion Maker. A cute game about anime loli witches making potions.


I agree that company is bs.
But the games inside are pretty good…

Oh and what mobile games do i play?
I played cr and coc…
Now i just play only sm…

Phone games are bs.




Soltaire and gd


yah but the game is bull


I’ve played Pixel gun, king of thieves, and cts… X3


Just doesn’t vote XD


Easier to hack boi… not secure… altough it would be more fun!


If you do not go into questionable sites it’s good


I also play clash royale im king lvl 9 so far


nice! i knew i wasn’t the only one here!


Right now I only play Hades’ Star. I don’t play supermechs anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Level 10 with 2 level 2 legendaries, Miner Bandit and ice wizard…


Nice i have 5 leg now lava hound lpg e wiz and ice wiz and infeno drag


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You want me to spam you some PM’s?
Stop it.


well, since there are some messages 2 to be exact
PUBG mobile, dbz dokkan battle, monster legends, minecraft, pickcrafter, drive ahead sports.