What Mobile Games Do You Guys Play?


What games do you people play when you guys get bored?
I play a bunch, one is called Final Fantasy Brave Exvuis (FFBE for short), I also play Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, King’s Raid, and also Vainglory and much more!
All these games could be found on the app store (I have an Iphone 7) and if you guys want to play with me, just relpy to this (and tag me) or just privately PM/DM me.
And this is your RasberryBleach signing out X3!!!
Love you all <3


war robots, minecraft, roblox big no no


Nice, War Robots was pretty ok, I played it before, Minecraft and Roblox…lel


i play card dungeon, walking war robots, tactile wars, Jurassic park, i used to play vainglory, pixel gun, king of thieves, C.A.T.S.
and other games i dont remember :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t own a phone :ok_hand: :100: :ok_hand:


also clash of clans and clash royal and other stuff


These <3


you should plat fortnite brah


I’m Town Hall 8 in Clash of Clans. That’s about it, really…


Fortnite is not yet released in android


Back then I also play coc.ended as th 8 there,and bh 5.got too bored,though.


how many people have android why it bull


Android is much better than ios,it is much more user-friendly


yah but my friends mom blocked all his apps and is good in security




my friend brah who did you think i was talking about


Honkai Impact 3rd. A very fun game.


Roblox is a big no no to me what do you guys think

  • I agree
  • I don’t agree

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You could also stick to one account instead of switching between the current and the Bell account. Kinda confusing.


What are you talking about :confused: