What mech would you make if you had all the items?


If you had all the items maxed and mythical, which mech would you make and why?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be what you think is the “best” mech in the game. Just something good that you think would be fun to try against the top 10 players.

Here’s mine:

Torso: Nightmare
Legs: Rolling Beasts
Side Weapons: Reckoning, Magma blast x2
Top weapons: none
Drone: Clash
Specials: Teleport, Hook, Charge
Modules: x2 heat engine, 1x mass heat booster, x1 energy engine, x1 mass energy booster, x2 platinum plate, x1 maximum protector.

Weight: 1000/1000

HP: 1960

Heat/Cooling: 468/243

Energy/Regen: 282/169

Basically the idea is to have enough firepower and high enough stats to compete with physical pusher mechs, but still have a good chance vs energy (with all zero energy weapons) and vs heat with good cooling and high-damage, low-self-heat weapons.

Since mechs are always built around the weapons, making weight is a bit of an issue and therefore HP is a little low and cooling/regen are a little high. However, an emphasis on regen is best vs energy mechs if you’re using zero-energy weapons, because there will be more overall damage reduction. And a little extra cooling never hurts.

Anyway, one can dream right? :slight_smile:

Curious as to what you guys would put together.


I think this would be a really good heater if I maxed all the weapons and the one module. it has a Clash too and the mythic harpoon. as well as the 1kg teleporter

This configuration would be better for PVP grind.With the cooling mass booster instead of the energy.


This mech with a 2nd annihilation and a physical sniper would be nice. Of Course maxed weapons etc
I would exchange the heat modules for energy though. 500 energy and 500 heat with 200 regeneration and 180 cooldown. Though it is not bad how it is. regeneration is a bit low for my taste though.


My energy build is decent but I would like to replace my cooling mass boster with a energy storage unit I would have to drop either my mythic charge or my mythic harpoon though I would also like the little drone Rising uses I have never got one. It would give me 657 energy with 196 regeneration & 546 heat with 106 cooling though I may find I was better off with the cooling mass booster in the end. I would still like to test it.

as per current available inventory itemsTorso :- Brutality Leg :- Devouring paw Side wepon :- 1 Nightfall, 2 annihilation Top weapon :- Night eagle Drone :- Void Module :- cooling mass booster. i will improve this mech further.


Very strong build if it has enough heat and energy.


is that better?


I have one nightfall but i saw some guy on top they use two annihilator and one nightfall. Use teleport and hook frequently try to be close range as possible to beat heat and energy mech.


the only way to beat an energy mech is to have a lot of energy
that seemed to be enough for me


do you mean hamza the lion


I don’t remember the name i saw one replay, it was good build n my inventory contains this items too. Many modules is missing but will get it i hope!!!
I Just want to build one good mech, not trying to build 3 beast. Because game is too much time consuming after the update.


If I had all items I might probably quit because I would keep winning and there wouldn’t be any point In playing


No matter how you build your mech there will always be someone that can beat you. A good build is not a 100% win guarantee. Especially when others have equal mechs.


Atleast for a long time I would keep winning with 3 full fused mechs , and yeah some brains too


I lack those haha ::open_mouth: Have never got lucky enough to get a box with um in it LOL


Yeah every dog has its day, i just want to have fun and enjoy game for while. Btw my win rate is 55%.


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mine is 76%

by the way are you on?
want to 1v1


My current mech is not good.