What mech should I put my brutality

I have 3 Mechs a heat an energy and a physical Mech and I have brutality what Mech should I put it on

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brutality makes a good heater in my opinion, it is also a decent physical. If you use it for an energy mech you will need a lot of energy modules


what have you got on your heat mech?

Now we can safely schedule that there will be a brutal nerf. As yesterday it became clear this TS is from TS.

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Brutality is good in heat mech. You need 3 cooling modules.

For phys mech Windigo is the best. Need only 2 heat modules.

Brutality heat (modules):

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I have avenger with some heat moduals

In the end I’m using the avenger, but with 3 modules I think it’s low cooling … I don´t know …