What means this? Someone can explain this to me?


Okey, I don’t know what means the colour of the “Mech Summary” Sometimes is white, sometimes is yellow and sometimes is orange… Examples of this:

Now is orange


And I reset the page and now is white colour.

Someone can explain this to me?


It changes based on what you previously upgraded.

None = white
Common = gray
Rare = blue
Epic = purple
Legendary = yellow
Mythical = orange


Ohh I recently upgrade a mythical NightFall… Thx bro.



I didn’t know that


Then you’re smartn’t meng






Just wow! Chicken Drink. :open_mouth:


I thought this was common sense. How did no one else figure that out yet?




Apparently, some of us aren’t observant as you are. Haha, usually, when I’m boosting items, I’m probably bored to tears or half-asleep. :drooling_face: :sleeping:


I did not know that…


lol a mythical chrismas hat


it happens to me everytime


I did got the bug too


:man_facepalming: it’s not a bug


This is not a bug, boddu.
It’s a tiny little feature TS implemented.

Idk why, maybe for aesthetic lol.


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Don’t insult people just because they didn’t notice smh

You probably didn’t know that either until I explained it