What makes a good topic


I would like to know how to make better topics


Exhibit A: Don’t Make Pointless Topics

Especially in making topics to learn to make better topics…


Well how am I going to learn and thanks for teaching me something that made you mad




For real why does every one think my topics are jokes


Where did anyone imply they’re jokes? literally said they’re typically pointless. And spammy af, good topics aren’t like that.

Good ones are typically well thought out or about certain things. Like new items, new portals, new updates etc.

not this shit.


I do that like my art thread and I dont make threads complaining anbout updates


Right here I found it


??? Whats with my lol?


Create organised, well written topics


Yah I did that’s the 2 no time you posted that on one of my threads


He’s laughing because of these pointless topics. My you’ve got shit to learn kid.


That’s because your threads are kind of spam and pointless like transcendant said,i’m speechless so I just say lol


I want to and try to but every one makes them before me then every one gets mad when I try to do things


Then don’t do it??? just think about the topic at hand and reply with a decent answer. Can’t begin to tell you how often i’ve seen you reply just to reply. Not a single well thought out answer.


I guess so well then I will start out with this


I am very sorry for the shit I said to you even thought what done is done so yah I want to be friends again but we can’t so yah


Ahahaha you made my day!

Outta likes but I have one for you:



First of all…
The topics aren’t good because they were made on a “good topic criteria”.
They are good simply because they are expressed by someone that’s simply being himself.
The same goes for the bad ones,if you get what I mean :wink:

'Nuff said.


What makes a good topic?

You not making one.