What leggs are these

whats legs is he using i hovered over it and it says mythical

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Physical version of your legs.

Legacy version of the paws


i think so but it does not matter because i still beat people with legacy items

I hope you do mate. This thing probably packs 150hp


Steel Barricade, a legacy high damage 2 uses legs


but i thought if u hover over legacy it doesnt give a tier this item said mythical

when you hover a legacy item, it gives you the stats and rarity like any reloaded item ^^

ok (20 characters)hh

And Steel Barricade, Magma Barrier (heat conterpart) and Electric Mass (energy conterpart) are all Myths

physical version of your legs before the actualization

they are legacy legs, phy version of the devouring paws

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Dat is an old one…before reloaded.

They are thicc too

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