What kind of person I am

  • Stupid
  • Crazy
  • Funny
  • Irritating
  • Bully
  • Spamer
  • Fool
  • Useless

0 voters


Tell me what you think about me. :grin::grin:


Well, I’m the only voter and I answered funny.


Don’t know you. I rarely see the name of last post nor remember. My memory sucks.


Jesus Christ , how are we gonna choose who are you , WHile we can only choose 1 option on the vote poll , Give us multiple choises , And we’ll choose them wisely


AURAINTEGRA, I rarely see you on the forum. However, when you do make posts, you seem normal, nothing worth commenting on.


Lol I read every topic and every post daily I go everywhere in the forum.


Walla I never spam lol how.