What kind of food you like to eat?(show photos)


Hey guys,which food you would like to eat?
Can you show the photo to us see?:slight_smile:

What drinks you would like to drink?(Show Photos)

I like to eat noodle with tomato soup and vegetables.
This photo just example


For the health …
(AND it is really tasty)

Essen 1

as reward for watching your eat-style …
(best ever)

Salzburger Nockerl

Essen 2


Maybe this one can help you how to make your favourite dessert!:slight_smile:


Salad is also good for me!:yum:



I could fill this page with fast food but I’ll leave it there… I’m rather unhealthy with my food habits but I can also cook (like actual cooking, not just following a recipe or doing pasta)


But do you like fast food?It is tasty for you?




Is it chocolate for this package?


Yes, So long as you don’t eat it every day because it quickly gets boring and horrible. I am normally quite balanced with what I eat and I rarely snack.

You can’t eat McDs more than twice a month really…


mini eggs, little chocolate eggs only available during easter. they’re like crack so you gotta get your fill while you can.


as long as you count your calories there’s really no problem eating a lot of fast food. well there is, its processed garbage but so is nearly everything in the west these days. unless you plan to eat all organic, fast food isnt really as bad as its made out to be as long as you stay on or below your daily maintenance calories depending if you want to lose or maintain weight.



I’m pretty sure fast food is manufactured dopamine dressed up as food, I only go down there once a week or two.






dipped in


pretty much all food leads to dopamine release. it’s pleasurable to eat because the animals which didnt derive pleasure from eating starved and were removed from the gene pool roughly 6 gorrilion years ago. the meat is processed and the animals are fed dangerous hormones but its as true of any non organic meat as it is for fast food. it’s really not as cancer in moderation as people believe it is.


Two favorite foods:

Pasta with ketchup… and:


Pizza with pineapple toppings.



Love Hawaiian pizza. It gets a close 2nd to plain.


Essen 3

But it cannot be served on every place …


My friend @Vicarious89 and me really like to eat pasta with ketchup :slight_smile: The best thing ever made