What just happened?

I swear to god that i did not photoshop this , my laptop legit froze for 2 minutes.


Nice coins, once i had 2

Minecraft youtubers trying to hack your account


Bullets and rockets are still here lmao


Also ,what is with the "OWNER’’

also there still the ‘‘deal as much damage as possible’’ tab up there.

Sm on drugs ? :thinking:

The “owner” window looks like the window that popped up when you were getting overheated in good 'ol days


Так ты русский…вот оно что

Это все обьясняет ты сам себя хакнул…erm i meant to say yeah wtf is this? Idk


Неее , проста комп левыи лол


После того как Русские хакнули выборы в америки, им не чего было делать и они стали хаккать игроков игри какую только долболёды играют.


yes , yes!
our plan to destroy americns is working , working!

let us drink , compre

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That’s what happens when you try to play a game that was supposed to be extinct 2 decades back lol


Windows 7 sucks, use Windows 8.2

windows is a garbage uses linux, windows 10 is a suicide in old machines

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Whatever your problem with windows is. This is NOT a windows issue, this is a game issue. And that’s not even windows ten. So mentioning it is irrelevant.

windows is an important factor, many machines do not have appropriate hardware and windows are installed to force, example what happened with windows vista, a hardware suicide, in linux one can play the game normally and do not suffer errors like those, so I proposed an optional solution … the operating system is not irrelevant … that says a lot

A lot of things could have caused this issue actually, not just windows. Packet loss, flash error, something hardware related. If you want to know what’s the issue the log is your best friend. Sadly we don’t have one cause we ain’t devs yo

Just be happy that you have a new background lol

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Oh shoot.