What I've seen in the last few days

It seems the newer players who came to this game within i’d say the last 2-3 years seem to just roll over when things get hard in an era… I don’t know if it’s just me seeing this or what but eras seem to be a stomping ground for us Vents now.

Newbies need our help… Should we open up the training forum again?

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I agree, But that is mostly the case for all kinds of players

Even experienced Rank 1 players, Just quit when a low rank team suddenly takes their network away and kils an army or two
rest quit and wait to die

@TheBurner, i believe thats exactly what greeny means(rank 1 quitting). Sadly people give up quite easily these days as there is always another era.

The AANC does still exist but is much smaller than before. Many players believe they already know everything they need to but they often lack playing with an experienced team that don’t give up as soon as a single army is lost or player is conquered.

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He meant noobs do that
But ive seen really experienced pro’s play an easy era, And then go all out to win, But with first turn of events theyre like meh ,Just quit

And yes Most noobs think they know everything ,Not their fault when i joined i skipped totarial took me a month to get to know about recruiting units and build,I stacked on armours, And When i won my first ever galaxy era (when it was more competitive) I still didnt know most stuff of the game, :joy:
I wish i had taken the academy took me 2 or 3 years to master, And going back and forth didnt help :sweat_smile:

I highly recommend joining the AANC ,They can make you learn within 2 months most tricks and cons you need to know to go to war,Especially spies,Spams,And unit build :kissing_heart:
Or else youll Be forever noob like me :pensive:

We should start the AANC back up with the old vents coming back :stuck_out_tongue: Our teams are lacking players its been harder to find players for our teams.


It does actually exist already but is quite hidden at the moment :confused:

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Wat r u, a vent?

I completely agree with you on this, in fact over the past few years we are trying different approaches to tackle this but none seems to work, for eg Ilona’s initiative of asking pro teams to take 2 extra players in the team. But it didn’t work out. I vividly remember @alexander pushing hard for this (back then he didn’t hold any high post like now). Also AANC isn’t doing that great either.
It is very important to retain these players ( like who are playing from last 2-3 years) and help them transit from intermediate category to pro category.

The AANC or as its called now the BDA is welcoming to all who wish to learn. We are always accepting of those who ask for help and try to have as many mentors as possible for them to help. We regularly run in game eras that work on getting new players to play with others and often these do quite well.

We have had to stop calling ourselves BDA alliances though as this has a negative effect on the alliance and teams often go for us as the teams are generally less coordinated.

The intake into the BDA is somewhat slow currently yes but that’s also due to the BD forum use. When the forum was just BD we got a lot more interest. Therefore our work is done more in era and less through the forum.


I’m extremely sorry if I hurt your sentiments with my answer. I totally appreciate the hard work you and rest of the mentors are putting in, but unfortunately the output is not proportional.
And the general information you gave me, well we dont known each other very well but I’m sure you are seeing me on forum long enough for me to know basic details which you provided me in your above answer.

But I seriously think that the intake of BDA is too less,mainly because of lack of information about BDA. Ingame I myself have provided many players with directions towards BDA. I have gone long miles with that, as far as making a colony just because I saw someone asking for help on global chat and there is now way of PMing via the global chat.