What Items You Think Need A BOOST/NERF

Here Guys You Can Share what items ( weapons / special items / torso … ) you think need some Boost/Nerf ( weight / dmg / drain …) or ( some weapons are just too OP) maybe the comunity will like your thoughts and the dev/managers will make some changes

  • Don’t Forget to mention your logical reasons ( ex ; some L_M Items Are just trash …)
  • put some solutions/suggestions that you think fits
  • Drop Rate For silver / premium boxes are not going to be discussed :3

Peace :sunny:


I just want sword’s,axes,hammer and other weak myth’s to be boosted…I’ve meant more dmg.

You kinda reminding of this song.


Epic hp plate reduce to 99 Hp


I say basicly remove epic hp plates, let only the L-M ones, the balance is the same.


I Love dat Song xD hihiih

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btw what myths and swords you think need boost and why ? :3

I can’t belive it that you love this song.

Get out.


Every sword’s…why?
Because it need’s to be usefull.

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xD ok thx For sharing

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Oh and i forgot to meansion about axes and backhamer too…
Same…increasing dmg…smh

Boost heronmark dmg or heat with 50
Nerf claw with +30 weight
Nerf valient energy cost with +30 or more
Boost desert fury dmg with 100 or 75


Archimonde needs an instant boost. It is a sad excuse for a premium item.


BIGDADDY need some boost for dmg and energy drain
MORTAL BULLET need some dmg boost or range ( he is too similar to malice beam ( malice beam is better ) so it need some boost for that)
Hammers may need a 1 range boost ( for phy melee weapons they need to nerf the energy/heat cost)
desert furry need a real good boost for dmg ( ik it’s kinda a support weapon) but thou it need some boost for sure
bloodweep may need some dmg boost
GRIM COBRA and NIGHT EAGLE alomost the same but the first one is +19 wieght so …
all L_M drones need boost … cause they are trash
SPINEFALL energy cost is too much
valiant sniper is way too op lol
claw i think it’s op but with 0 mvt i think that’s fine


Greedy is quite uselees others like dust maker,murmur etc are quite op with a good build


Also please don t start with ideas like:
Make claw abel to move
Make valient abel to shoot 3 times

Who will do such a thing :o

There is an hole topic about how claw should be abel to move

Just ignore them :3 hihih

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i had a fight against a guy with greedy and he destroyed me(he only had legends for weapons)

good so no need for boosting