What item has the coolest transformation?


Share your opinions on which item you think has the most improvment in transformation, based on looks

My personal favorite is the desolation, which goes from an ugly, stupid looking square
to this


I’d have to say Seraph Blade, it goes from looking like a cheap dollar store meat cleaver to a badass looking blade.


Like look at this sexy ass sword. Legendary Seraph does not do it’s Myth counter part any good.


Definitely void (and heat/energy counterpart) drone


For me it’s Zarkares. From ugly to awesome.


Sexy indeed my friend


for me it’d be abomination… i mean is just like “MORE BARRELS!!!”


Terrorblade and it’s energy and psyhical counterparts


Energy counter part: Stormweaver
phys counterpart: BackBreacker



It goes from a plain-old broadsword to a beautifully designed blade that could be wielded by the Gods themselves.

Same goes for HeronMark.


StormWeaver / TerrorBlade.

Lightning Supporters too , they go from T H I C C to E X T R A T H I C C


thats the best phy sword i have ever seen oops i responded to you i was not supposed to do that

I JUST mythed it 25 mins ago


The coolest ? I can’t tell for now…

But the worst ? Annihilation for sure…^^
I feel like the legend-myth ones are more weapons made for suppressing fire and little damaging at close range rather than draining HP and Resistance out of the mech that it is…^^


its the seprah blade obvisily look at the pic


Weell…it’s not like I learned to read quite some years ago, but…^^

I wasn’t replying to you, but Dankmementos


oh okay but the seprah blade is still cool


Annihilation and Nightfall.
And Night Eagle.
And Bloodweep.
Pretty much every physical weapon except for Seraph Blade (tho it’s cool,but not that extremely amazing either).

I’d say Brutality or Void.


Another worthy pick is the heronmark, at least for me

Its stats are ass, but it goes from a regular looking sword to an absolute beast, with red engravings on it and everything

Max it out for extra awesomeness


Psyh hammer has cool transformation too


It’s odd how it took me til last night to realize BB was the phys version of stormweaver/terror blade wow