What Is Your Problem IN Supermechs ?!?! ✹ (POLL) ✹


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My problem is that it seems that there is no strategy left, it is just luck. For example, I finally got my second mythical, so certain mechs I verse have no chance against my heat and die, so it is unfair for them. They have no chance against any type of heat mech. And then, I go against some unbeatable energy mech. Sometimes I even have more energy than them, but they still win. I’ve been stuck at rank 9 and 10 for 2 months now because of this. Its win a round, lose a round. Repeat


Maybe Get more items and focus on MAXING the good ones.

Look at the top 10 players :slight_smile:


This is the reason an adopt a newb centre should exist :L

my top tips to players wanting to move up:
use a drone first time everytime.
Get a torso to mythical.
Dont bother maxing anything in mythical yet. that comes later.
make sure you level up your modules to legendary.
fuse similar items as it gives a bonus. using energy drones to boost work best on energy drones.

If you want further help feel free to start a new topic with your mech posted and people can advise you :slight_smile:


All except this is good (actually superb) advice for newb. After 5 months every day play and (some not tiny money also) I have only one module that CAN be legendary.

I emailed support many times about how we are supposed to get the better modules but they say just open boxes. I opened many boxes, of course :slight_smile:


Just do what I did, keep farming the hell out of RB normal mode and refuel constantly.

(I had more but used a few for fusing). 2 months playing this game and I’m decent-ish rn.


Nice collection, I am sure it has something to do with something other than luck. I have farmed normal and insane RB 100’s of times but only get epic leg and torso. I did get one nice heat engine from a premium pack.

My research (now complete) arises the following estimations:

  1. game looks at your mech and decides what to drop
  2. bug causes same items to drop over and over (perhaps linked to campaign rank bug)
  3. device you play on affects items you get in boxes
  4. other hidden/accidental factors make same items drop over and over.


lol if by something other than luck you mean cash. Rest assured I haven’t spent a single cent in the game.

Believe it or not, all of this I’ve farmed just from campaign tokens, achievement tokens, portal tokens, etc.

I was just smart, and since I play on kongregate, I’m around some vets in chat and they’ve been so helpful with learning the game. So yeah, short story aside, just keep farming and refueling. It’s doing me swell so far.

(Kinda afraid to show my alt acc same progress but luckier with leg drops).


no, i didn’t mean money I edited my post to clarify a bit

I get plenty epics, just same and same again ones


i like you, thanks for your advice it is good advice.

Would be fun to duel - I think 2v2 I will win :slight_smile: But I just decided to stop playing. If I come back I will find you maybe. Enjoy the game :slight_smile:


Ah, I see, it’s fine then. But I’ve played this off two devices, mobile/PC (mobile is cheated since puffin allows me to play it well). I’ve seen no difference even with the actual app for my alt acc. (guess it varies?).

And that first one and second one. I highly doubt unless show legitimate proof, that the “visual bug” as I call it affects you at all. As for the first, I don’t think that’s legitimate either, I’m a heat mech through and through on both accs. But on both I’ve recieved tons of energy/phys mech oriented weapons/mods/torsos etc.

Hmmm, I’d love to see some numbers from the devs to see how drops work and such. Would make figuring out what affects drops for us easier to understand.


Thank you guys for the advice. I’m starting to win more now that I’ve upgraded modules and I am almost to my third mythical



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no me puedo mejorara nada desde la actualisacion


Items is absolutely my biggest problem. Everybody says to farm ram boy, so I do, day in and day out, but I only either get a bunch of commons, rares, useless epic from mix that I dont need, or fortune boxes that give me rares. When I use the money to buy boxes, I never get any good epic items, ever. I have not gotten a useful item since late Novemberl.
Please help.
Now that they added raids i hope that I can progress, but still, help me.


I have all but why don’t this forum let vote the freaking all :slight_smile:


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