What Is Your Problem IN Supermechs ?!?! ✹ (POLL) ✹


I want to see where the community is at right now. All Is welcome to vote !

The Supermechs game not the forums. Also this is my First Poll Thread
(Max vote is 3) What is your issue?

  • Coins
  • Items
  • Tokens
  • Inventory Filled
  • Heat Mechs
  • Energy Mechs
  • Phys. Mechs
  • I Have No Problems, I’m at the top of the Game.

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EDIT: gg 100 votes and 47 voters 12/19/2017
Items seems like the biggest problem 12/30/2017


Why isnt there a “dwightx” vote?


It’s about the Supermechs game not the forums.


But you play super mechs so it should be there? :thinking:


It would be nice if you voted on the poll


Lol 0 people chose physical mechs did not expect that.
Also 1 for no problems


I have literally tons of epics and 2 million god , sadly no items to fuse like rares or common , how depressing


Same here lol but I don’t want to waste epics on power


Can you add an option for “Developer Incompetence” ?


Go into detail on what that means and i’ll probably add it :slight_smile:

I always have just enough gold but not enough items.
I fuse on one item at a time.


Excellent pol! Hopefully developers will pay attention.


Arena (very)low popularity is my biggest problem in this game
for example today my first ranked game was 1v1 vs a rank1 player & i was rank4,
after a while i played a game 2v2 vs a rank8 player while i was rank3
most of my games today was like these two, facing rank1 or lowbies both in 1v1 & 2v2…

also there is legacy & premium (valiant sniper, bunkershell, magmablast, platinum plating, maximum protection) items discourage me a lot since i am reaching higher ranks i face many player who run legacy items which i have no access (since i do not want to spend thousands of dollars to premium packs) and they are match up define. Till now what i get from premium packs or fortune boxes is legendaries that dont even upgrade to mythic or legendaries like scorching feet (great legs but very easy to find from mix boxes anyway)…also drop rate of legendaries is so too low…very discouraging…
of course there is descent weapons to use but…


only problem i have is i cant find all the items i want because i cant choose a single thing here
the rest is just part of the game dynamic


if feul had been an option I’d have clicked that in a heartbeat.


I don’t know if anyone noticed but there was this thing that I got.



Wheres the option called Dwightx?


and having the structure gives you an achievement


dont plagiarise from me @Merciful


HEEY! More items please :’(