What is your opinion about my mech? (Any improvement?)


Well I want to know what you think my mech is good enough to fight in semi high ranges?

P.D: I’m just improving all the modules at level 40


not bad.

first change I’d make is, if possible, replace the terror cry with abomination. its usually best not to mix damage types, but it could work. once you get your mods up it should be good for use against energy and other heats. however, due to low HP it will struggle against physicals. this obviously cant be helped much without either maximum protector or platinum plating.

I’d also replace the energy regen module with another energy engine. but that’s just a minor tweak.


If I got it, I would remove the Corrupt Lights

Eh if I have it very much in mind since the last one I see that I fight against a physicist I did not see where the blow came from, so I have the plan B that is to create a physical (Mech in beta)

It’s a great idea that would serve me very well

I do not know if it bothers you that Cite but I’m addicted to quoting everything xD


That reminds me of my mech…


That reminds me that they have no resemblance


why? it just makes sense to replace terror cry with an abomination as it would be a range 2 knockback weapon which is also explosive so does not conflict damage types. if necessity dictates then keep the terror cry, but dont favour it over abomination or even a heat shotgun if you have it.

the good news is that 2v2 means that having one of your mechs weak to one type isnt so big a deal. making an anti-phys phys for your second sounds like a good plan to me.

glad I could be of help :slight_smile:


There is one thing. We’re both smurfs.


What a difficult decision, although I will see it when I get that weapon

I do not really know where to get the premium items to make such a mech I think I’ll save the 3,000 tokens and try my luck


? I thought you said you planned to make a physical second mech and I was just saying it sounded like a good plan lmao. you need two mechs anyway.


If it’s a good idea it’s what I’ll do

P:D: Avia wrote something wrong so maybe you got confused and thought you did not want to do an anti-physical mech or maybe I got confused with the same thing I said


looks good, but i’d change the terror cry with abomination (if you have it) if not keep it, your mech almost looks like my mech, only difference is i use brutality, i have a abomination and i dont use the cannon, i use savagery : P


get a shotgun and a few plat andyou are good to go


This is ollllld meng

Watch your dates


i dont watch dates