What is your most successful topic in your opinion?


So, what is your most successful topic in your opinion? That isn’t listed anywhere in your profile. You can just simply show us the topic you’re the most proud of (a topic you made). I’ll go first:

Here’s why:



I’m gonna interpret this as the topic that regardless of like count / reply count we’re most proud of. in which case it’s a hard choice.

in terms of a thread I think was a good example of me making a genuine effort to improve things for the better it’s this:

in terms of my favourite piss taking/ funny more light hearted thgread its this:

I like being a catty ■■■■■ every now and again.

my gfavourite thread Ive ever particiupated in here is this btw:

by @Yeet and participated in my @dankmementos and @lordgorgon

I was all depressed missing my friend and working this job for the money toi [pay rent next year. I remember sitting at the desk on my phone at my lunch break going back and forth with these dudes. I had to leave the office and get to the cofee area to laugh. it really brightened my day. and my summer in fact. that’s really sad, isn’t it? ach well. I have no secrets anymore anyway.


That was a damn good thread.
Always remember,dankmementis likes the D


■■■■■ da ■■■■


Gee I wonder what I’ll say… lol