What is your "Gender"?


What is your gender?

  • Male
  • Female

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I am a “Male”


@blacktempest got suspended again


Where is bio and trans, also i would love to see the look on peoples faces when they see my awnser, some already know if they look closly at my details


Where is the “other” option?!?


No where and everywhere


Guess what I got? Rolling Beasts. Guess what I wanted? Mercy.

I’ll trade you


lol really you can not be joking with e right now


My gender? Pachy Attack Helicopter…


What’s that ?

I know for trans, but not that…


Idiot option would be better for them


I choose the nonexistent option 3: other
(and im not joking i am serious, i can only choose other)


For trans, if it’s their choice, I don’t see why they absolutly need to be marked with “idiot” tag on the forehead…
It’s just something less common to hear about…
I don’t know what “bio” stands for, so I can’t tell about that…

Edit: Here is the poll for missing options, will add the missing ones with edits later…

  • Trans
  • Other (more general)

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i think if ruben just puts others its okey to everyone


You can’t edit polls after 5 minutes…
He posted it some hours ago ^^

The only ways are to add separate polls via editing, or by commenting (check the one I created above if you want :smiley_cat:)


thanks bro


Lol???, is only Male and Female more nothing, God…


and what about me then?


You are Male or Female?


hermaphrodite (biologically the both things at the same time)